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Rubena Scylla MTB Reifen 2,25

Rubena Scylla  MTB Reifen 2,25

Rubena Scylla MTB Reifen 2,25

MTB Reifen Rubena Scylla faltbar Racing Pro
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25,00 €
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SE-Dual Extreme Light Compound
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Bild für Rubena Scylla  MTB Reifen 2,25
Bild für Rubena Scylla  MTB Reifen 2,25


With knobs a little less aggressive than the Kratos, the Scylla is perfect for hardpack singletrack but it retains the nicely sized side knobs for optimal hook up while cornering. This is one of Rubena’s lightest and fastest tires. This tire should be on every race bike and every bike looking to hit the high plains.

It may be the perfect XC tire.

540g (29” Racing Pro)

595g (29” Tubeless)

520g (26” Tubeless DC) / 500g (26" Racing Pro )





[SDX] SE-Dual Extreme Light Compound: Combination of two compounds – soft adhesive compound (SSC – Grey Line) on sides with well-proven CRX compound both in tread center and base. Combination of these two compounds makes this a great racing tire with low drag for fast riding and excellent grip and control in curves and traverse.

[TS] Tubeless Supra: Rubena Tubeless Supra technology provides three standard ways of usage together with a special assembly set (see 1 for 3 diagram). Tubeless Supra usage provides higher riding comfort, low drag, high inflating range, and low weight of the set (tire + tube + rim tape) and elimination of tube puncture.

[LC] Liquid Compound: Special blue liquid latex based sealant creates tubeless system.